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How to capture photos with your phone without breaking the bank

The smartphone photo and video capture apps, such as Photo Sphere and Camera+ , are not always available for download.

In a recent post on the company’s blog, the company said that the Android app is now available for Android 4.0 (API level 17) devices.

However, it has not revealed how the app works or whether it is compatible with other Android devices.

It is not the first time that the company has updated its apps for Android.

Back in September, the software giant updated the Photo Sphere app to version 1.0.1 which was released in October 2015.

The company has also updated the Camera+ app to Android 4, which was introduced in June.

The Android app now supports RAW image capture as well as RAW video capture.

Photo Sphere is one of the first apps to include a photo preview mode, which allows you to select a number of photos from the photo gallery and the app will show a preview of each one in a new window.

The photo preview allows you preview the full image, without the need to scroll through a gallery.

The Camera+ apps can also take video and video at 30fps and 720p resolution, the latter of which is a new feature that Photo Sphere introduced in September.

The Photos app also includes an audio preview mode for capturing audio with its microphone.

It works by adding a delay to the audio signal and then playing back the audio using the camera’s microphone.

The app also allows you capture images of the webpages you are on, and even allows you the ability to create and edit your own photo galleries.

The smartphone photo capture apps are available in the Play Store for $1.99.