Exercise physiology book Mathematics Chinese exercise book sellers open shop in Dubai

Chinese exercise book sellers open shop in Dubai

Exercise books are an increasingly popular way to get exercise in the UAE, with a number of Chinese websites offering exercise books and videos, as well as workout classes. 

The books are usually available in Chinese, English and Arabic, but there are also a number in English and French.

The online exercise book market has been growing in recent years, with Chinese brands such as Beijing University of Fitness and Sport (BUFOS) and China First International Fitness Training (CIFIT) opening their shops in Dubai in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The UAE is the only country where exercise books are not limited to the city of Dubai, with other online outlets offering similar products in the city and abroad.

There are also several other online exercise shops offering similar product, such as the UK-based Sport and Fitness UK, which has been around since 2014 and is based in London.

While the exercise book markets are growing, there are still plenty of reasons to get in touch with an exercise instructor. 

Chinese students tend to spend more time at home in their free time, so they are less likely to exercise regularly.

It is also easier for them to take part in classwork in their spare time, with the classes often featuring a mix of lectures and exercise sessions.

With the popularity of exercise in China, there is an increased need for exercise studios, with many studios offering classes in Mandarin, English or French.

The online exercise studios are also often popular among Chinese students, and many are located in the heart of the capital, with more studios opening up in the country’s suburbs.